Friday, September 17, 2010

It’s not what you wear…Its how you Feel

I have been fluky to have friends who have wardrobe full of branded outfits and shoes ecetra, but still know the worth of a 50 rupee top.
To buy a few things we pulled over at a shop and my sweet friend said I ll park myself in the car I don’t want to come inside is because there are people who wear good clothes and look pretty, I feel out of place. On that I instantly realized I felt the most strongest when am around people who are dressed in pretty clothes , shiny bags and make up on. I feel stronger around them even after not wearing anything closely to the price the tag their clothes carry. But I still feel pretty in my shoes is because I FEEL good about myself. What’s the point in wearing a diamond ring but not feeling good. If you can carry a rag with style and comfort you look good. “Beauty is in your mind, Not in your mirror”. When my words are stronger than the person in front even if am in Adha chaddi simple chappals and a bag hanging around me I feel strong because I know my words make more sense than their clothes. Not that smart people don’t wear good clothes, it’s just that one doesn’t have to judge people on the basis of their clothes or money in their wallet, if you doing so you got nothing to worry. The tough is when you have judge them on the basis of their thoughts and words. If someone is smarter in that than you, theres something you got to worry.
That’s why I say its not what you Wear …its how you feel!!

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  1. Touche to that !!

    clothes dont make a makes em look good....