Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kitty Kitty

This little kitty went, Meoow Meoow Meoowwwww!! Did she mean "Fish or Some love"?? Her eyes like peas and mind blue blue.... :( She looked at me and purred no clue. Asked her, Kitty!! you want some Cheese?? She said "No it makes me Sneeze" :( I comforted her in my palm and jingled my keys, On that she got up and twinkled her Peas. Picked her Paw and purred with awe... Said " Niki I wanted No fish or Any cheese, All I wanted were your HAPPY KEYS" :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bappa aala :)

आहे तसा तो कलेचा गुरु!! पण असतो सतत माझ्या बाजू, जरी मी त्याच्यावर एरवी लक्ष नाही दिले, अडचणीत त्याने मला नेहेमी सावरले!! कारण आहे त्याची मी लाडकी. कधी कधी मीच त्याला विसरते, पण दुखाच्या वेळी मी बघते माझी बाजू, आणि हा असतो चिल मारत माझ्या बाजू, विचारतो "आज तुला मोदक हवा की काजू" घेतो माझी काळजी वेळो वेळी पण आज आहे माझी पाळी. लाडात येऊन बोलले त्याला, " जाणार नाही दुकानात ,मीच कोरणार तुला प्रेमाने आणि तुझ्याच दिलेल्या कलेने" देणार सुट्टी तुला पाच दिवसाची समोर ठेवीन, बाजूला नाही. आहे रोज तुला मोदक आणि जलेबी, सांगीन सगळ्यांना घ्याला अशी काळजी तुझी, होऊन जाशील छान गुटगुटीत!! आहे तुला पाच दिवसाची सुट्टी, परत ये माझ्या बाजूशी, आणि सोडव माझ्या अडचणी , कारण आहे मी तुझी लाडकी !! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Madam Maida....

Pav kilo maida dena! Drawer opens... Small plastic bags comes out ... Scoop in Maida, in to the plastic, on the weighing machine. Seal! And in your hand to take home.. I could toss it like a ball and feel it like some jelly in my hand... Pay barely some amount for it. This the Simpler era .... Same scene 2012 Pav kilo maida dena Direct one packet thrown at the counter.
"Madam Maida" Rs.46

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gossip Or Story

People often tell me "nikita don't you think you let many know about your life. I say "That's how it is for me" The worst can be when you fear letting out your own story. What I can do to myself is too much than what others can do to me. If you can make your mind beautiful you can ignore other peoples black thoughts towards you. but f your mind itself is weak, and somebody else fuels it a little bit it is enough to destroy you. We cannot control the intentions of all the people around us but we can control what happens within us ,that we can make it the way we want it. Even though you can't totally control what intentions people have for you ,you can nurture their intentions to certain extent. When millions of people love you, you are anyways controlling their emotions. A story doesn’t begin with exposition. It doesn’t start when you see the title on the screen or when the main character arrives on the scene. A story begins with conflict. Until Aseem trivedi doesn't go behind bars for his cartoons or Raj Thackrey doesn't speak up what we only thought off, you don’t have a tale worth telling. It might entertaining or interesting, but it’s not a story.
It all comes down to a moment. When we know what is happening in Shahrukhs house and bin ladens heart. That’s when a story really begins — when things start to get uncomfortable. Everything else is just setup. It starts to get interesting — when your tiny tale gets messed up by a larger story. And the same is true for life. I would not have anything to give to my readers if my life was perfect. I would be working earning and sleeping well. Who wants to know this? As a writer I open my book to everyone because I know many relate to it but don't speak it out. Everybody watches a movies, reads a book, listen to song and say "This is so my story" Yes!! It is. There is always someone there who has gone through pain and agony as you did. If they wouldn't have written or sung when they felt the heart break, Success fail or be penny less we would have missed out on the best writers, musicians and travellers. Imagine if Bob marley would have wept in his room for the pain he went through in love and not come out and sing strong about his feelings. Hence I say it that's how it is for me. My life's going to be a open book from now. And I play character in my own story which I want to let out. And I write effortlessly when I let my thought come from the loving and vulnerable space of my own heart. [Theres a vast difference between reading ones personal life as gossip or a story] ")

Heart of Clay!!

I don’t know where I belong, where I get love, It Is my home. I like the Nomad’s life that I have tasted because of my work The love & Food I get on my Travels has made me feel like I make a home wherever I go. I am in LOVE and Love is writing words in the air that I breathe when I travel. I love the Sun and Sand which reflect My Thoughts & Words. I Feel like a clay, being reshaped every day, until I'll be at last what I am destined to be. I am a Traveller in Time. My Destiny is known. -Nikita :)

Yellow Door!!

In a garden solitude of my little town Dombivli there rose a small mud house, as yet but trifle disfigured with mud and wooden windows shaken down to the mosaic floor, in the middle of which ran a little Piece of plastic rattling around making the crinkling noise with "have a nice day" written on it. I smile at it and open this old gate which took me to the yellow door after which I stepped into a very simple era.
Where I was greeted with a friendly guru who wore a loose kurta and Served water to me in a "Tambya ani Pela" (a small pot and a glass) Where was the tray? I quench my thirst and look around. In their earthen pot I see two pretty pink flowers welcoming me. Dressed aptly for the time, My skin had natural fragrance of lavender, as I walked around my payal set to the tunes of the plastic crackling, wind blowing and my heart beating. I smile at this old mirror put up on the wall and check if my bindi hadn't lost it way from the centre of my fore head. I was 20 minutes early at the Yellow Door the portal to Shashtriya sangeet (classical music) And I utilized the time to appreciate how a heart and mind must feel in the simpler era. Era where digital music is not known, Still a gramophone and radio entertains you and a Tambora (sitar) and Peti(harmonium) is used to tune your voice along with several birds who sat on the trees outside muktangan. I peeped outside the window, pushing a broken rusted umbrella aside and I see "Peace" for the first time in my own city. I then realised that faking a smile can't fool your brain that you are happy. My mind had to see Muktangan and get me a real smile amidst the pain I am in. I Turn to look at my guru and he walked me in the room where I first saw "Aapla Ladka Ganpati" I didn't shut my eyes and pray to him but just looked at him with a smile. All I knew since childhood is the "Ganpati haa Kalecha guru aahey" I don't look at him for prayers just a little hope that I get what I am looking for in Muktangan. And I sit with my guru and I taste the First note of Peace.

When he Felt me for the first time!!

I felt him when the breeze took away my voice as I sung "Kabira" He said "You are the colour I made when I was in love" I believe that you trusted me last when I said "Love will hurt you no more" There I go again, But isn't it getting the finest out of you? I see Amidst the blare of the storm this slow, melancholy dirge beat itself into your heart. A tear? No.. Loads of tears will make your cheek look shiny. Save for I am with you & you blessed!! Love might depart you But I will Never Everyone has seen me But You will feel me Because you are my Love!! You are my creation Creating love with your words in this unpromising world. He promised me again "I am your love and will always be....." And I see myself standing in front of him, With my shiny cheeks The almighty "My lord Shiva"