Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chor bazar ki Galli..

If you don’t have an eye for art and tang for the rust do not wander in the alleys of Chor bazaar.
Friday is the day when all the shops drag their shutters down and a mass of people spread there sheets to display and sell the stuff they have got in there bag. You name anything and you will get it. From boxing gloves to skates, furniture to clothes.

As the name Chor bazaar sounds it’s a huge flea market where the things sold are usually stolen. I never went to this place before coz I was very rigid about view on this place as my elders always spoke ill of this place. But indeed it’s a paradise for and artist and antiquarians. I spotted some real weird things even spotted an antique car which was used as a sleeping base for a dog and back rest for some comfort while selling.

You have to be street smart and make a good deal out of your purchase.
My clicks would tell you what a wide range of things are sold in this paradise. After going through a few lanes of junks I had already sketched my dream house where am sure all my furniture was surely gonna be picked from chor bazaar. The wooden chairs, bar tables magical mirror and unusual types of liquor bottles. One bottle that wedged my eye was a bottle fashioned like a khanjar with some lil green tinge. When you walk around you see white caps and black bhurkas, yes this place is dominated and run by the Muslims. That’s why you can smell a lot of mutton in the air and a huge range of food items on every corner and hefty goats walking around.
If you know how to carry your self smartly no one will come your way. If your body language is weak you indeed will be taken for a ride. Do not dare dress up well and go there coz Chor Bazari’s have an eye and can read people real easily and on that basis they would charge a bomb and not bargain. Dress up as shabby as you can and look unclean and smell bad coz if you smell good you are telling the flickers out loud that you have and expensive perfume in your bag. I was expecting to face a lot of odds and ugly remarks but I was surprised with the warm smiles prolly it was the press tag and my clixy which hung arnd my neck and as I said carry a very smart body lingo.
You have people of all range of umar buying stuff from this street. And the set up is really very fascinating you cleanly don’t know what’s gonna be next. If you looking at a story book suddenly you have a neat pair of skates next to it.
It was indeed very exciting to spot Amitab bachchan in Chor bazar
As this was my first time I was just trying to observe people around and not talk too much but couldn't resist on asking one of the chacha’s “chacha aapka margin kitna hota hain. He smiled and he added like he was my yaar for years “full margin hamare hi hai Didi, chori ka toh maal hai” wow that’s what I call business. It was surprising that though they sell chori ka maal they do study what they selling so that they can add a few heavy words while convincing a customer. Like on one of the sheets I saw an amazing range of lenses like and 50 mm 70 mm and a telephoto, the moment he saw clixy in my hand he picked a bag and removed canon 3000 and attached the tele lens and explained a few things and showed how the flash works and also explained the other lenses weren’t for a Digital SLR. I was amazed at the words he used and how confidently he blurted them.
I have been to a lot of flea markets this indeed was the best, better than goa.
The experience was awesome and my notion was cleared about this place.

And a little of green to end with.


  1. i have frequented this place to get spares for my 1953 Italian Fiat Car...
    the smell of mutton is because its called mutton street ! ! ...its official name...
    the range of goodies there are amazing ...antiques to imported stuff ....imported stuff from england, Morocco, etc etc

    those were the days....stroll at the chor bazar and have a bite at the suleiman usman bakery .....

  2. i once found a leica there....but that chap didn't wanna sell it

    i also got my hands on a SINAR but the Ballot was torn so .....

  3. i have the khanjar shaped bottle at home! and the famous golden eagle too :)

  4. Hey nice Article! When r we going again for shopping? :)

  5. Bloody hell a canon 3000 in chor bazar !

    I need to turn around and kick myself for buying a nikon brand new a month back ! should have checked this place out aint it :P

    On a serious note elders also say that 'park your car in chor bazar and dont be surprised if u get parts of it in different shops !

    Loved the in depth investigation, it was as good as a show on discovery channel

    Cheers !