Monday, March 22, 2010

The SWEET Aunty : )

I always thought of myself to be bizarre when I spoke to myself while I traveled and walked around. But I didn’t realize when I talk in to me, am not talking gibberish whether am looking good, is my hair ok or my nails done properly. All I do while I travel daily is OBSERVE people around me and what I get to learn and tell others from them. One of the steamy afternoons I was rushing for a shoot in goregaon while I was reaching bandra a very lovable old Punjabi aunty got in the train with a smile on her face. She opened her jhola and removed boxes of sweet. this reminds me of birthdays in school days were we got grabbing’s from our birthday frens as we would wait for him or her to remove the box of sweets from the bag.
The Sweet Aunty was selling chocolates of the brand Cadbury, 5star, munch and éclairs not the ones which are spelled muanch, cabdury ékliars. They were the original ones. She brought me a great smile though she was old and needed money she enjoyed selling sweets and making everyone happy. I bought chocolates worth Rs. 35 from her. but with her got in 2 kids they were siblings one of arnd 7 years and other barely 5 years and the train started moving the elder one started singing at the ugliest voice she could and the younger one very sweetly batted everyone’s hand and asked to drop some money in his glass. Everyone looking at this tiny hands begging managed to give some money when that kid came to me I shouted at him and asked to walk off. With that the lady next to gave me a look sayin “aaj ki ladkiyon ko kya attitude hota hai no manners and blaaa!!” and to prove me even cruel she handed that 5 year old kid a 5 rupee dollar. The Chocolate aunty came to me and gifted me a thank you. She narrated to me that “baby am 62 years old I get in this train everyday to sell my chocolates I never cheat I don’t sell sasta maal coz they spoil your health. But why god is so unfair. I go the truthful way to earn money these beggar kids get in with me and make more money than me(they make more than Rs.2000 a day). People are willing to give 5 rupees to them even when they are not giving them joy or sweetness in return. I give the one thing that makes a 2 year to 80 year old human a smile “CHOCOLATES” still people choose beggars over me”
With that she gave the aunty a look and a smile,who sat and abused me coz I batted that 5 years old kid. This simple thought and experience taught me one thing we are responsible for the dirt around us. STOP GIVING money to the ones who beg even when they are hale and hearty. Once you stop it they cant do anything. encourage people who make an effort to sell and earn money be it a pass holder or a mobile cover if you wan to help …help in the right way DON’T ENCOURAGE THE DIRT ENCOURAGE THE HARD WORKERS.


  1. wow,
    sweet story which reflects dark side of society.
    Greedy nature of writer make sudden deep impact, and amazing tempo gave superb finishing.

    The only line i can say about 'sweet aunty' is
    careless you are with artful care, affecting seem to be unaffected...

  2. Thanks subodh!! indeed affecting seems to be unaffected its a very very sad situation

  3. Hey niki...really nice lesson to learn...if we all start doing tis soon ter will b lesson of beggers....

  4. i completely support u in ur opinion...
    we shudnt always b gud 2 dem...we need 2 encourage dem 2 do dr work wid honesty....

  5. I admire your observation and attitude towards society
    good way to earn n help indeed