Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 1

There’s nervousness, confusion and anxiety but of all, there’s the vigor that is driving us towards what we have wheeled till here for our documentary. We started from Mumbai for Goa with the same feelings we are still carrying in our socks right now. We hit the highway and our boys B boy RJV and B boy Ridi’q were captured breaking on the rough patch off the highway with no music. They tuned with their own breathe beat and grooved within themselves. Their bruises on their palms explain me the love for breaking. We settle ourselves and head towards Kolhapur. I appreciate B boy RJV for the efforts he is putting in with all the breaking and the driving he has done till Goa. We had our own little stress busters at our halts with chaukidar Dalvi
who posed for us a with his old rusted fun and showed off his bullets. DJ Amul is a part of our gig he is an absolute comic relief who sleeps with RJV’s not so branded shades called Ray Wan. He had them on even while he asked for chai at 8pm. Prathamesh a.k.a Paddu is a tiny thing carrying the video camera and also our camera man who pronounces Bhoot as Boot and keeps reminding Vicky a.k.a Ridi’q he has a family at home for respectful reason (Reasons are quiet critical cant be disclosed ). We halt at a very neat and huge petrol pump at Nippani for a leak but instead our boys jump out of their skins when they see the location behind the pump.
And start breaking. RJV had a little crash and hurt his back but he still continued with the routine and with the driving. Ridi’q is pumped
with energy and is a boost to RJV. We shoot at the pump and bag a good footage and Amul gets busy shooting goats in the farms and claims that NOW he can work with the discovery channel.

as we rolled a little ahead we witnessed 66-feet Chinmaya Ganadhish idol in Kolhapur which considered to be the tallest Ganesha
idol in the world. The idol sits on 24-feet Dhyana Nilayam (raised platform). Thus the statue is 90 feet from the ground level. With this beauty in the foreground
we got to see a rainbow which was a blessing for the art and message these boys were carrying their heart.
Today we get serious with the sketch we have for the movie and meeting up with the Breakers in Goa and hearing their side of story of being the only breakers in the Town. Few breakers from the town who are going to rally us round and bag some information on the breaking scenario in Goa. They are small in number, would get to hear their plans to grow and their contribution to the breaking planet to spread breaking. Also our boys would break a little with them. This is what we will be stitching in today and tomorrows tapes and rolls hopefully some good surprises fall on the tape.

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