Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking Spree

A bruise is the beauty of this dance form and music is the language they speak. B-boying was originated as a dance form in 1970’s and is one of the four elements in hip hop culture. Rajiv Shirodkar a.k.a B boy Rjv and Vicky Shriyan a.k.a B boy Ridi’q have been breaking for 3-4years and have performed on all sized platforms. In their journey of breaking they have faced injuries, physically and mentally which have pulled them back and step out of this. But they never gave up and are still breaking with all the injuries they have carved on them. If you have to be a successful artist in India one has to be tolerant and dedicated to his or her art. Their love and dedication for this art is making them take a step ahead and educate people about the real value of Breaking, as any form of art can’t endure on Claps alone, it needs heavy support to grow. B- Boys or Break Boys don’t get the respect and the support they deserve. To bag all that is lost in this Art form these boys are the first ones take the initiative to a document life of a B boy and B girl across India. This is the kind of a chronicle which is not yet documented in India and their scheme behind documenting this tale is to preserve and promote this art and prove it to people that this aint a freak show but a pure form of art. Mumbai has always been first in doing a lot of things which have gone unnoticed otherwise. Similarly this form of dance was introduced to India by bunch of breakers from Mumbai and now Rjv and Ridi’q are the mumbaikars who are not just sticking to the realm of Mumbai to document this movie in spite of all the financial constraints and no support. They are travelling to Goa, Bangalore and Mumbai and covering the best breaking crews in these cities and they would battle with them in the clubs and streets and will document the story behind them and their struggle to be a B Boy today in India. This documentary will be released in Mumbai’s entertainment centres, big screens and colleges. And if finances allow they will be screening it in Goa and Bangalore. These boys are battling this journey by making their own pockets empty and with help of friends and relatives. None of the sponsors have poured in yet for such an idea which is not sketched by anyone in India, but they are still confident of their idea and are stepping in the pool of fight for the survival of this art to keep it alive.

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