Thursday, March 25, 2010


Bingo,kurkure,gutka,condom more seen on roads then in the garbage bin or at the vendor. While I have my walk around the city it hurts me to see any person throwing Kachra on the road. The worst part when you tell them not to… they are offended and give a look to you saying do you have the RIGHT to correct m. Bloody its my city I live here and breath here I wan to breath clean and don’t get stuck in rain and blame the poor pavus its damn you throwing plastic around and jamming the sewage and BLA!!!
Hitch lies with our teachings in schools nothings much taught bout keeping our environment clean and how important it is in a long run to dispose the waste at the right place. All we are taught are those few thick lines on cleanliness from those dumb text books and teachers make us repeat after them. With an exception where I saw this kid who travelled after school in the train with his mother . as his mother chattered away to glory with the other ladies this kid quietly ate a packet of little hearts and when he was done very neatly wiped his hands to his hankie and then folded the empty packet neatly and stuffed it into his bag so that he could have gone and thrown it into his residential dustbin and not on the tracks. But to my surprise his mother batted his hand and yelled at him to keep the kachra in the bag and forced him to throw it out and out of fear he followed what his mother said. As individual whatever role we are playing with our surroundings or with people arnd us we can correct them. BUT!! I know you feel a lil scarred of weird to correct unknown people thinking of how they myt react. But feel free to correct BMC has appointed a few heads who dress up in casual and come tapping on your back to burn your 200 rupees from your piggy. One of my dear mates happened to face this and came and informed me about this incident and to his kick he felt bad when he saw me smile while he recited how he was fined rs.200 early morning. The smile was because I always wanted some monitor for Mumbai I don’t mind doing it myself if am given the authority. I don’t know why people come to Mumbai saying it’s the place where dreams come true and kill Mumbai themselves and so do Mumbaikars. And even if I correct someone for littering am spoken ill off WHY?? Why cant you see that its our duty together to keep our city clean. Mumbai has given every entity something why can’t we give Mumbai flowers and fragrance instead of wrappers and stench??No one has to respect anyones authority here ,but indeed respect MUMBAI.

On request my friends identity is gonna b hidden but will narrate in short what happnede with him. As he smoked at dadar station peacefully with a cutting and when the ash reached the bud he threw it down and stifled the bud wid his shoes. With that BMC man came and fined him rupees 200. At that my friend being a typical mumbaikar said “dada shambhar ghya,pavti naka fadu” the Bmc fellow didn’t budge and flashed his ID to prove it that he is really with the BMC and has to answer his superiors. With that my friend very responsibly handed 200 rupees and wud think before littering around. Though I felt bad coz the real kachra makers slip away coz few BMC holders can’t keep monitoring to keep the city clean alone. Its every individual who has to take this responsibility and correct the next person with a smile and ask him or her not to do it but if they still do it you make an effort to pick it up or take away the rags he or she was planning to dump on the road or station and dump it in your bag and then makes its way peacefully in the dustbin you next see : )
This note is for the people who aren’t aware of this so that next time you think of throwing anytype of kachra or spitting or also peeing you may want to rethink and the quiet watchers you are worst than the ones who are doing the crime. So get aware mumbaikars and make Mumbai a better place to live.

this made me really happy coz i felt bad when i carried the din bhar ka kachra in my bag thinking of not littering around but saw 100's around me throwing kachra like someone is goin to suck it to keep the place clean.


  1. ciggie butts is th only litter i wud tolerate n dat evn if i personally dint smoke,,,

  2. cs i personally cnt thnk of carryin em in my pocket or 4 dt matter nywhr else,,vat do ya think??

  3. there point was rub it on your shoe and throw it in the dustbin : )


    1. I am more concern here about the word used Katchra namely GARBAGE .You can see that the last man KATCHRA helps the team win. God also helps those who are honestly hard working for there goal . Let us Pledge to RECYCLE GARBAGE at source . It is infect a source of income / money if we plan and recycle properly


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