Friday, May 28, 2010

When i Fell in love!!

The radiance of a woman is always captured by an eye who adores art, rest use it. I have been inspired to write and click coz lot of beautiful subjects that have hit my heart in my journey, woman being one of them. But this time it was unusual.
I have his gallant body in my memory ever since I remember but this time it was new. My heart clouted when I heard him. Beauty and grace has always been an insight for an artist what else could I ask for. I saw him pass by me a lot of times and every time I noticed one new tone on him which gave me a smile. He made every one around him look good. History is written from his back but never heard from a heart. My heart spoke for him every time I saw him. The beauty here am talking of is a horse. I learnt every side of his I know him as a obedient partner, lover and a man with gallant heart. The world today has gone plastic, its been long that any human has touched my heart how much a horse did.
I have been to this place ever since I remember incidents and recognize people. But this same old place was new to me, I spoke to everything around and wanted to know more. This new place is a small plateau near Mumbai called Matheran though close to the city it still smells ancient and feels Indian. There’s mud all over but no cars or bikes to ruffle it, only the trot or a gallop of a horse disturbs the red mud. My heart shrunk when I saw them loaded with saddles, accessories, harnesses, loads and people who sit on it with no honor. Horses served only one person TRANSPORTATION. Are they worth that? They are warriors know how to fight and ride themselves free and chase the shadow of an eagle. The long tail which helps him swatter the flies and keep his bottom warm in the cold. The style he rests
in with grace and peace. My love for a horse will never die. When I saw him race with the others I knew he was the one who would fight the odds and come ahead and bring pride and honor to his master. As I say with honor comes responsibility and this horse, Magican took care of his master how much he did of himself. I went I had a word with his master and ran my hands over Magicans sturdy, colossal body and realized for the first time even horses sweat but I still continued to run my hand over his body while he swayed his tails and his sweat remained on my palms.
How much a two legged creature is strange? Few people treat them just as means of income, transportation and their masters. What they don’t realize is they are the masters because you have trapped the horse in all possible ways let him off the saddle and other traps, let him gratis and then lets see who rides whom. My only yearning when I grow up I would want a horse who would live the way he wants to and he would be my master for sure I know he is more intelligent matured and has a better heart than what any human has. He is the man with steel body but a supple heart and steadfast to the ones whom he loves till he gets love and respect from them. His master told me a charming little tale about magicans life. He is in a dedicated relationship with a horse called pasta
and they have been together for 4 years now. When magican and pasta walk together pasta is always a step behind and looks tiny in front of magican. Whatever they are given is made half and half and shared with love. While pasta sits to sleep magican watches her back by standing all through out the night for her. She was a perfect woman for him and he did all his duties and they live happily even with saddles on them and make everyone happy who ride them.
My love for a horse will never die but expectations from a human will increase.

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