Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chai connects people

Chai is something that I devour in all seasons. Chai is bliss in heavy rains and shrilly winters but I also take pleasure of Chai in scorching heat. One of the afternoons when I was shooting at jama masjid in Delhi, I came across something green and that caught my eye but as I went closer it came to my notice that it was a green portal to Baldev’s Chai ki Tapri. When I clicked the picture of his shop he gave a very warm smile and welcomed me and offered me a special Elaichi Chai which cost me nothing other than a one more lovely person whom I met on my travel. We exchanged few words about his venture and then I hit of for my work, I reached my hand in the bag to make the payment for the lovely Chai he doled out. But he didn't let me make the payment. On that I insisted to give something to his kids. He said he needed nothing and also added that I gave him something that none of his customer’s eva gave “A Smile”
Baldev: “Didi aapney aisi cheez di hai jo saalon mein hamey koi bhi customer ne nahi di”
These words ring my ears and heart to be a better person. Just a smile gave him immense happiness and it made me so content that I made someone’s day. Always smile and spread cheerfulness it will cost u nothing other than bagful of good memories.


  1. Very eclectic posts. From chai to brooklyn bridge on the same page. Unlike most blogs I read.

    P.S. envy ur blogging frequency btw :)

  2. hey hey gogol
    thanks a lot