Friday, June 26, 2009

The University Called as "EXPERIENCE"

With the passage of time with my photographer shoes on, I have learnt lessons that every photographer should.
Only a photographer can produce an unadulterated human expression furthermore the rude and sweet varieties of nature. A poet, cinematographer or a painter can be biased but a photographer cannot.
The poet benefits from the obedience of the pen; the painter takes pleasure in the conformity of the brush, cinematographer enjoys the obedience of the cast and crew and Photographers basks in the obedience of thE camera too, but unfortunate that the subject doesn’t stay still for the camera to catch them.
“A moment lost is a moment lost forever”.
To justify the lines which I have written above I will back you up with an example because of which I am writing this piece and also a reason to why this blog of mine is without a picture.
I was shooting in Jaisalmer. Dancing on the dunes was a small girl grooving on the tunes of Rajasthani notes. She caught my attention as she danced and sang in a typical Rajasthani way. She did what she was doing, so gracefully that I forgot to click, instead I started jotting the lyrics of the song she was singing. It said, “Saath kos se daudi aayi hu, jarasi dab re babua thadi raale gaadi, thari meethi rale gaadi”
But was late to pick my camera and turn to the right mode, settings and focus and then click. By that time she was done with her piece of art and was collecting money from the tourists who were feasting on the Rajasthani culture she displayed for them.
I got the song translated from one of the local boys over there, it meant “I Have come running from seven miles to catch this train, oh! Driver kindly stop your train for a moment your sweet train.
Had I been a painter I would have been able to produce the replica of the event with the same expression even after few years.
A poet could have been able to describe her expression, her dance, grace etc with the help of words even after decades.
A cinematographer can recreate the scene by umpteen numbers of takes and retakes and could have reproduced the girls dance.
But “I” as a Photographer lost the opportunity. I could have asked her to do it once again but the consciousness of being clicked would have killed the natural and innocent look in her.

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