Saturday, June 13, 2009


Friday is a holiday for my dad. Though he works through the week round the clock he shows enthusiasm on Fridays if I talk of a trek. As soon as am up from my bed I go cuddle my dad every morning and tell him what I dreamt last night and what I want to do the day ahead. So on a Friday told him that I wanted to go trekking and bag some pictures, he without a hitch was up from his bed,made few calls and made himself free for the day.
. My entertainment set Asha and Swa tagged along. We geared up and left arnd 12. Though we weren’t hungry the luring food of Shree Dutta snacks heaved us towards the mouth watering maharashtrian delicacies they serve. We had the best Wada pav, pimply Sabudana Wada. Green Kothimbir Wadi and Spicy Misal pav and to quench the thirst some buttermilk and Kokum Sarbat and to sweeten our tooth we had there specialty that indeed is “Kharvas”
After fueling our tummies we hit off directly to Lohagad asking for direction we reached Lohagad crossing real bad roads. Some places,the three of us actually had to get off coz the roads were too bad and the rude stones scraped my chevy’s tummy.

At last we reached the mouth of Lohagad. It was indeed a very pleasant place with lovely mud smelling and the smell of the burnt wood as the villagers cooked food on it and the hens chasing each other. Goats and cows moving around freely with the bells in there necks which gave the place even more of the holy feel and with the bell ringing it sent a wave of positivity in the air. Though my eyes were observing frames to be clicked these sounds made my heart and mind really calm. As we walked ahead Lohagad was unfolding it beauty piece by piece and clixy, kept going crazy as it already had 2 pretty women and the most handsome man on this earth, yes indeed my Dad and such breath taking frames of the fort on the way to the top of the fort.

With beautiful curvy outlines made of iron like stones which were used by the warriors back then to protect themselves and keep a watch.Lohagad is an iron fort in Marathi. When I climbed up the 2000 year old fort I felt my Maratha nerves acting up with the orange flag flattering in the air. I felt the reason why Marathas are proud. With the kind of forts Shivaji had conquered and owned he indeed had the power, no one had back then.
As the name suggest this fort was indeed strong built just the way iron is. it had five grant door the main portal being the “Ganesh Darwaza” followed by Maha Nana Trimbakeshwar and Hanuman Darwaza.the Ganesh darwaza had Ganeshji carved on the portal Hanuman Darwaza had Hanumanji.
In 1491 Nizam shah Ambar had power on this fort and later in1637 Adilshah took over the fort. These rulers are the probable reason why there is a Dargha when you reach the top of Lohagad. In 1648 Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj conquered the fort. in 1789 Nana Phadnis made a lot of improvements on the fort like the lake, the Ganesh Darwaza, Vinchu(scorpion) point, place for horses, water tanks etc.1751, Gaikwad and Dabhade family were incarcerated in this fort.
This place is a symbol of the proud history Marathas hold, me being a Maratha feel proud that we have such a lovely history behind.
The top of the fort gave an us a lovely air of freedom to breathe and blessings of Trimbakeshwar temple which was built my Nana Phadnis. the balcony view from the top was something i would want you all to see it.The different kind of culture or religion which ruled there was clearly seen as there was a Dargha next to the Mandir but none of it was destroyed. Though Dargha was made first and later came the Mandir.
As we started descending with the sunset our tummies started growling so we started moving towards the base where we parked our car. On the way I met a pretty blue friend, whom I as a kid use to tie a thread to its tail and run around. Yes it was an dragon fly urf Chatur resting on a branch and I got an colorful subject to be rested peacefully while I was clicking him.
With that I and my clixy were happy and content with wat clixy got to click and I got to see and learn at Lohagad
We hit of home real quick after sipping some tea at
Rajmachi as everyone dreadfully wanted to sleep


  1. any body will love to read what u write,seriously

  2. anish thanks a lot for your comment on my write

  3. yes rishi all d pics are clicked by me..y mates??

  4. Gr8 job! Your articles r really Descriptive, especially "Only Mad people can change the world" N “Chai connects people”. The matter is very specific n Amazing and the language is very simple and expressive. I would love to read more.

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  6. niki u really described it well....ur words took me to lohagad again....:D

  7. hey nilu am so glad u liked my write ups...chai connects is indeed one of my favs too
    thanks a lot
    will keep updated

  8. swa am glad i cud describe the way we wen tthru it :) thanks for ur comments

  9. vry niceeee...nvr knew....u wer so gd at this.....phew.....u r a gurl wth difference too!

  10. amazing write up ...i like the chai article too ..(tried to comment there but it just wouldn't post....
    your pics are amazing ...though i feel some pics would've been better in black and white( and no the monochrome which out cameras offer)...the Chevy's underbody getting scraped ! ! ...darn those Stones.....
    keep writing...
    referring to your Chai writeup similar thing happened to me in Leh....