Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hurly & Burly

Hurly and burly are the two people who live within me. They are the once who create a bizarre chaos and colorful happiness in me. Devoid of hurly and burly I wouldn’t have been the person who I am today. They keep me on my toes. They have this crazy tempo which shows that there is too much inside me because of which I can’t think of one thing at a time. But this tempo is maintained only if hurly and burly are together. If hurly goes on a leave or has an stomach ache or anything that’s keeps hurly’s spirit low burly is low to and the scene inside me is just as blank as an empty dark room and vice versa. Hurly burly have been a part of me ever since I started understanding, reasoning and questioning things around.

The upshots that hurly and burly create when they in the highest spirits, my clixy helped me to get a click of it, to enhance this write up.
The bubble inside me is where Hurly burly have lived happily and will continue to do so. There bubble has everything they want to make them happy, music, colors, fun, food, dance, passion, talking, endless walks, gossiping, love, care and comfort. I have known them grow in me and the relationship they share is something a car shares with the fuel. One of them is useless if the other is not there.
Hurly and Burly even if they go far away from each other they manage to weave the distance very easily with the most powerful thing anyone is gifted “WORDS”. People say friends are always a phase in your life. But Hurly Burly has always been a part of my life and will always be in future.
Just a few days back when I clicked this picture I realized that hurly and burly are not some imaginative things inside me who create a difference in me and help me learn. Hurly is the woman who gets a fresh wave of air in my day and life and the Burly is me. The woman being the gift I was gifted when I was a kid and I still fancy this gift called Asha!!
You may replace hurly and burly by Asha and me respectively.
Though Asha and I were disconnected physically for educational purposes, as she studied in Bombay and me in Panchagani. I still had her in me as Hurly. Though she was hours away from me I have always had her in me as Hurly.
When we were reunited after a long time, we danced away to happiness, where we didn't even care if any eyes were watching us or any nose smelled us. All we heeded was each others company and rock and rolled in the bubble we had created.
Though so many years we were apart, after leather lounge (a place where we went clubbing) I felt like nothing had changed coz our foot “CYCLONED” in the same way. I could connect to her with no trouble. There was no awkwardness or a moment where we had to put in plain words to each other what we hunted from each other. We were factually each others mirror image.
It was real fun to join back someone after a long without even worrying if I would be able to match up with the other person, we just clicked will keep clicking. There was no awkwardness or connecting issues only coz hurly burly were always within me We coordinated with the shadows which fell on the pretty royal pink wall and were sunk in the joy of dancing.. This picture has the sweetest taste of the relation I share with this woman, Asha!! Love you loads, you have always been within me.

Moral: Physical presence is not that essential. What’s more important is, the emotion, picture and the world you built within your heart for the person.


  1. bitch......ur too much!!!!!thanku so jst so cute.....n im sure.....or better.....its a promise tht...they wld always b together!

  2. Hey Niki, Just went into some other world of "FRIENDSHIP" Felt like keep on reading it..!! Charcter names HURLY BURLY sounds as similar as both of urs smile..!!

    Good Work..Swthrt..!! :) :)

  3. thank u so much for reading