Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yellow Door!!

In a garden solitude of my little town Dombivli there rose a small mud house, as yet but trifle disfigured with mud and wooden windows shaken down to the mosaic floor, in the middle of which ran a little Piece of plastic rattling around making the crinkling noise with "have a nice day" written on it. I smile at it and open this old gate which took me to the yellow door after which I stepped into a very simple era.
Where I was greeted with a friendly guru who wore a loose kurta and Served water to me in a "Tambya ani Pela" (a small pot and a glass) Where was the tray? I quench my thirst and look around. In their earthen pot I see two pretty pink flowers welcoming me. Dressed aptly for the time, My skin had natural fragrance of lavender, as I walked around my payal set to the tunes of the plastic crackling, wind blowing and my heart beating. I smile at this old mirror put up on the wall and check if my bindi hadn't lost it way from the centre of my fore head. I was 20 minutes early at the Yellow Door the portal to Shashtriya sangeet (classical music) And I utilized the time to appreciate how a heart and mind must feel in the simpler era. Era where digital music is not known, Still a gramophone and radio entertains you and a Tambora (sitar) and Peti(harmonium) is used to tune your voice along with several birds who sat on the trees outside muktangan. I peeped outside the window, pushing a broken rusted umbrella aside and I see "Peace" for the first time in my own city. I then realised that faking a smile can't fool your brain that you are happy. My mind had to see Muktangan and get me a real smile amidst the pain I am in. I Turn to look at my guru and he walked me in the room where I first saw "Aapla Ladka Ganpati" I didn't shut my eyes and pray to him but just looked at him with a smile. All I knew since childhood is the "Ganpati haa Kalecha guru aahey" I don't look at him for prayers just a little hope that I get what I am looking for in Muktangan. And I sit with my guru and I taste the First note of Peace.

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