Saturday, September 15, 2012

When he Felt me for the first time!!

I felt him when the breeze took away my voice as I sung "Kabira" He said "You are the colour I made when I was in love" I believe that you trusted me last when I said "Love will hurt you no more" There I go again, But isn't it getting the finest out of you? I see Amidst the blare of the storm this slow, melancholy dirge beat itself into your heart. A tear? No.. Loads of tears will make your cheek look shiny. Save for I am with you & you blessed!! Love might depart you But I will Never Everyone has seen me But You will feel me Because you are my Love!! You are my creation Creating love with your words in this unpromising world. He promised me again "I am your love and will always be....." And I see myself standing in front of him, With my shiny cheeks The almighty "My lord Shiva"

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